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Hi Ate Nadine! Tatanong ko lang po if magkaiba ba yung advertising arts sa multimedia arts? And ano po itsura ng unif ng multimedia arts sa csb? (If ever meron po haha) Thankyou ate nadz! :) x


Hmm I’m not sure lol I’m not an MMA student I can’t answer this question hahahahaha but I guess if you study MMA, for sure advertising will be part of it but if you study advertising arts more on advertising / marketing siguro yun? HAHAHAHA labo I’m not so sure…. Wala ako masyadong alam sa advertising arts! I’ll ask my MMA friends I’ll get back to you! 

Walang uniform MMA students sa benilde. Come as you are. Dress to impress or express. Ikaw bahala lol~

Hi po ate :) Is it true po ba na tapunan ang CSB ng mga bagsak sa DLSU? I've heard a lot of these before po kasi and it's getting discouraging po since I wanted to go to CSB for college because of the creative aura there. Thank you for the answer po :)


Nope, they offer different courses so you can’t really compare CSB to DLSU.

If you’re looking for the “creative aura”, CSB SDA is the place to be.


starbucks date with @condominicotine @pilosopogyno (at Starbucks Coffee)

By far the funniest thing I’ve read on facebook HAHAHA


to bĂŚ or not to bĂŚ #baelips

The only one that I get deeper with is my bae, jacking it with my…..
#BAELips for my #bae @laidbackluke & @djginaturner 💋

2 captions for this
1. most awkward pose award goes to me
2. caution: wet floor

California Maki ❤️😁 (at i ❤ tokyo cafe)

Cupcakes 😍❤️😂🐷🔫

My bonquiqui face